Course Details

Western New York Golf


The amenities are nice but the real star of the show at Tri-County Country Club is the layout. We feature 18 holes of unmatched play, carved among the beautiful rolling scenery in Western New York. Players will find our course both relaxing and challenging. We have multiple tee lenghts to accomodate visitors of all ages and skill levels. Be prepared to reach for every club in your bag as you seek to conquer this design.

Finally, don’t forget to set aside some time to stop in the pro shop and say hello. We can’t wait to meet you!

The Golf Course

Hole #1

A long, straightaway par 4 with a blind second shot. This hole has a large, deep green that is well protected by trees on the right side. You’ll need to hit 2 quality shots right out of the gates to walk away with par here. 

Hole #2

A Par 5 where long ball hitters can try to get home in 2 but a tough green awaits.  A tight tee shot where the terrain funnels balls to the left (towards out of bounds) where players can flirt with Out of Bounds. A well played tee shot to the right side of the fairway can lead to a “lay up” or “go for it” decision. Laying up will result in a short wedge to an uphill green that slopes severely back to front. An approach that lands short is MUCH better than long on this hole. Be mindful of 2 bunkers that surround the green on both the left and right as well!

Hole #3

Our first of two par 3’s on the course, this hole is a fairly straight forward, down hill par 3 to a green surrounded by trees & water long of the green, a bunker to the left of the green, and a bunker short right of the green. There is a small pond that can come into play short and right as well, so a quality tee shot is imperative.

Hole #4

This short par 4 is the ultimate “risk/reward” hole! players can try to drive the green but risk losing a ball to water on all sides. Birdie is in play just as much as bogey or double!

Hole #5

Dogleg par 4 with Out of Bounds down the left side and an intimidating treen line on the right. A straight ball or a ball with a little right to left movement plays well off the tee. A creek crosses the fairway 80 yards short of the green. A short but wide green with a false front makes for a difficult GIR off the approach. Once on the green the green slopes pretty good right to left.

Hole #6

A little bit of a breather hole here. 6 is a strightaway short par 4 to a sunken green. A quality tee shot will leave you with a relatively flat approach shot into the green. Shots to the left side can flirt with a little fairway bunker while shots to the right side of the fairway may have some tree trouble. Watch for the “blinking strobe light” that signifies that the green is OCCUPIED. If you are in doubt, take a ride up to make sure the green is clear of traffic. 

Hole #7

Another tight tee shot here awaits. This par 4 traverses over a little fairway ravine. Laying back a little can result in a blind second shot, but a deep drive could results in a very short approach! No matter what, this hole requires a straight tee shot to make par. 2 deep bunkers short of the green present more problems. Out of bounds exists over the green so attacking deep pins is probably not a great idea.

Hole #8

A par 4 where accuracy off the tee is rewarded. Players can lay up short of a creek that crosses through where the fairway bottoms out about 70 yards from the green. Long ball hitters can carry the creek and be rewarded with a very scorable second shot. A large green is protected by 2 bunkers short of the green and trees long. A “hump” in the center of the green is relatively readable for players, often bringing par and even birdie into play.

Hole #9

Par 4 that crosses a creek, doglegs to the right, and traverses up a hill to an elevated green. Out of bounds exists down the left side with a pond on the right at the bottom of the hill. Out of bounds continues beyond the poplar trees as well. The green severely slopes back to front so anything long is absolutely DEAD! You must rather putt and chip up the hill!